Welcome to Soartex Fanver!

Soartex Fanver, a fan continuation of Soar49's Soartex, brings smooth and clean textures to Minecraft.

Utilizing a large fan base, everyone contributes to the updates by providing a plethora of textures for review by the texture reviewers.

Textures are then selected and finalized, and many of the remaining textures get placed into the customizer so people can customize the pack to their heart's content.

And Remember Happy Crafting!

Random Fact: Soartex Fanver has modded texture support!

What's Up?

Texture Submissions System

Hello, We are planning a new system to allow easy submissions of textures and for people to...

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Customizer For 1.8

Hello, The customizer is a big part of Soartex Fanver and we want to make sure that it is a...

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Latest News

Soartex Lite!

Woo, new release for Soartex Fanver! This is a "Lite" version, meant for players who cannot ...

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